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In order to help assist with long-term planning, we have a few planning tools for both JH and HS students.  The form for JH is intended to help you plan your student's middle school years so they are prepared for high school. However, it is something that we developed and is not necessary to complete in order to enter high school. 

The updated College Prep Grid includes a blank grid to help you plan a 4-year high school schedule.  These tools will assist you in planning what classes are needed to graduate from high school and to best prepare your student for college.  A standard college prep tract requires 24-28 credit hours (with most year long classes earning 1 credit hour) and a rigorous college prep tract will require 26-30 credit hours.
When looking at the grid below, the top row in bold shows the categories you need to select from.  The rows in blue show you the suggested number of credits needed for a solid college prep education and the classes listed underneath are some examples of the various options that meet those requirements. 



Composition, American Lit, British Lit, World Lit, Rhetoric, Creative Writing, Speech, Journalism, Debate; AP courses suggested



Algebra 1&2, Geometry, Trig, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, AP Calculus. Consider Statistics, Accounting Etc.

3-4 credits:
Essentials: World History, American History, American Gov't, Consider: Economics, Geography, Constitutional Law, Psychology, Sociology, Political Science
Foreign Language
2-4 credits:
French, Spanish, Latin, German, Russian etc. (2 years same language preferred)
3-4 credits:
Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Anatomy, Microbiology, AP courses suggested
1-2 credits:
Physical education--many options available

Fine Arts 

 1-2 credits:

 Art, Music, Drama, Photography etc.

5 credits:
Practical Arts, Life Skills, Computer Skills, Bible, Church History etc.
At Heritage, we offer several classes in each subject column that meet IL graduation requirements. In fact, there are often interchangeable options for each class.  For example:
1.     A comprehensive English Class:  Campbell’s H.S World Literature - 6th hour or Tabb’s H.S. Shakespeare - 5th hour
2.     A beginner Foreign Language - Graci’s French 1 - 3rd hour or Spanish 1 - 4th hour or Smith’s Spanish 1 – 7th hour
We even have options for JH students:
1.     JH Writing - Coburn’s JH Writing - 5th hour or Int. Writing 7th hour or Tabb’s Short Story Writing 
        5th-6th hour
2.     JH Art – Dulski’s Adv. Drawing – 1st hour or Michaels’ Art 1, 2, 3 or 4 – 6th, 7th or 8th hour