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Do you personally have a relationship with Jesus Christ? If so, please briefly state your testimony. If not, please comment.

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Marital Status

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Names and Ages of Children

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Are you currently home schooling any of your children, or have you home schooled in the past?  Please include the number of years that you have home schooled.

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Educational background, including highest degree earned.

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Work experience, both compensated and volunteer work.

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Heritage Home School Workshops is a Christian organization seeking to incorporate a biblical perspective and values in all we do.  How would you incorporate your Christian faith into any classes you might teach for the HHSW families?

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I have read the HHSW Statement of Faith.

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Do you agree with the Statement of Faith (SOF)?  If there is something within the SOF with which you have an issue, please elaborate.

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Please list any classes you be interested in teaching at HHSW.  Give a brief overview of the material you would cover for each class.

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Briefly describe your view of home schooling and the Heritage Home School Workshops.  Please include any advantages, disadvantages, positives and/or negatives that you see in both.

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Have you ever been convicted of a crime?

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If yes, please explain each conviction, nature of offense, what lead to the conviction, how recently was the offense committed, sentence imposed, and any type of rehabilitation.

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Have you read the Heritage handbook and policies?  Are you in agreement with said policies and will you comply?  Do you have any concerns about the policies? If so please let us know of your concerns.