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Additional Questionnaire

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1. *

Parents' First and Last Names

2. *

Have you home schooled before?

3. *

How many years?

4. *

Have you taken your child out of school yet?

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Yes No
5. *

What are your reasons for home schooling?

6. *

Have any of your children ever been or are they currently suspended or expelled from a public or private school?

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Yes No
7. *

Who is the primary teacher in your home school?

8. *

What curriculum(s do you plan to use?

9. *

If you were a member of a home school group in the past , what, if any, teaching or other responsibilities did you share in that group?

10. *

Does at least one of the parents have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ?

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11. *

Could you briefly share something of your testimony and Christian walk?

12. *

What church do you attend?

13. *

If you or your child/children do not agree with an item in the handbook, how will you address that situation with your child/children?

14. *

How important are academics in your family's approach to home schooling?

15. *

Have your older children (grades 7-12) come to faith in Christ?  How well do they receive instruction, and how do they respond to authority and discipline?

16. *

Is your child/children currently taking medication for or been diagnosed with A.D.D. or any other physical, behavioral or mental disability or disorder?

This information is released only to the HHSW Board and any of your child's/children's teachers in order that we may serve you better.  You need to understand, though, that we are not formally trained to deal with special needs children.)

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Yes No
17. *

Do you understand that HHSW does not give credit toward high school graduation requirements, although parents may use class time toward fulfilling some requirements in a given subject?

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18. *

Do you understand that HHSW does not give legal protection or legal assistance?

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19. *

Do you understand that HHSW is not obligated to testify regarding your home school's validity, authenticity or effectiveness?

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