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Mrs. Gustava Gierke To All Instructors

Todd and I have been married since 2010 and we have three children that we have homeschooled since preschool.
I was saved in 2011. The Lord has completely changed my life, I am not who I used to be, I am a new creation in Him, and Jesus Christ is my biggest love.

I was born and raised in Sweden and became an American citizen in 2020

I have a Bachelor Degree in Micro Biology and Environmental Science from Uppsala University in Sweden.

I first learned how to sew in third grade. I enjoyed it a lot and soon took over my mother’s sewing machine. I have done basic tailoring and alterations ever since. 
I enjoy sewing and I am mostly self taught by: reading instructions, following patterns, making mistakes, ripping stitches and sometimes starting over. This is a very humbling process and has been a great way for me to learn and grow in patience.
Beginning and intermediate sewing will be taught to teach students how to work independently with their hands and sewing machines, the goal is for them to feel confident in tackling any projects that they want to do in the future.

Current Classes
Beginning Sewing – Instructor (open)
Intermediate Sewing – Instructor (open)
Beginning Sewing ONLINE ON DEMAND ONLY – Instructor (open)
Intermediate Sewing ONLINE ON DEMAND ONLY – Instructor (open)
Sewing Skills & Projects - Thursday – Instructor (open)