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Mrs. Melissa Whitchurch To All Instructors

Writing is one of the most important skills to cultivate in our children. The journey of learning writing incorporates and connects many other essential components of thinking well: broadening vocabulary, reading extensively, growing in comprehension and critical thinking, and gaining mastery of grammar and structure of language. An effective communicator also strives to be at ease and intentional as a public speaker. We, as believers in Christ, have the gospel, have the life-giving, powerful Word of God to give back to God in praise, to one another in exhortation and encouragement, and to the world for salvation. We communicate the gospel in deed and in word. As ministers of the gospel, we want to become masters of using the tools by which truth is given. We want to master the use of words. The study of writing accompanied by speech is an effective and efficient means to pursue this mastery. 

I am excited and grateful to be an accredited instructor for Institute for Excellence in Writing, and I delight in being a trained teacher ("Tutor") for Classical Conversations. I love to learn, and I love to equip students. I have plans this summer to expand my ability to teach writing to a broader range of students including students with learning challenges.

My homeschool journey started 17 years or so ago, when my oldest daughter was ready for school and our school district was not a place I was at ease sending her. I didn't intend to be a life-long homeschooler, but it is the path God has led us on year after year, and a path I enjoy, or remind myself that I enjoy, most of the time. I am down to homeschooling only my youngest two children, ages 12 and 7. On sweet days, we do really well honoring God by pursuing learning well. Some days, some years even, we feel like we falteringly stumble through life challenges, learning what we can as we go, relying on God to do all things. When it's very pretty out, we might not give a fig about book-learning, you will find us outdoors splashing in a puddle, climbing a muddy path or enjoying the sunshine on our upturned faces.

Current Classes
Elementary IEW Writing – Instructor (open)
HS Writing 1&2: IEW Composition and Speech - 6th Hr – Instructor (open)
HS Writing 1&2: IEW Composition and Speech - 7th Hr – Instructor (open)
HS Writing 4: IEW College Prep – (open)
JH IEW Writing - 3rd Hr – Instructor (open)