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Mrs. Melissa Whitchurch To All Instructors

We, as believers in Christ, have the life-giving, powerful Word of God to give back to God in praise, to one another in exhortation and encouragement, and to the world for salvation. We communicate the gospel in deed and in word. As ministers of the gospel, we want to become masters of written and spoken word. 

I am excited and grateful to be an accredited instructor for Institute for Excellence in Writing. I have been teaching IEW to my own children since 2010 and in a classroom setting since 2019. To maintain accreditation, continuing education is required by IEW, and I enjoy the many opportunities to attend webinars and conferences to further develop my own understanding of how to apply IEW's Structure and Style to students of varying age and ability as well as teaming up with parents to scale work for students. 

IEW courses are focused on writing, cultivate speech, have literature recommendations and incorporate practical application of grammar. 

HS Dual Credit: This course is a writing-intensive high school language arts credit with the option of college credit via ChristianHalls.org. This is an advanced writing course. Prior IEW experience or a strong understanding of grammar and composition are required. The course in includes grammar and literature, but not speech. 

HS Writing and Speech: This writing-intensive high school language arts credit course cycles through three years of content, focused on writing and speech. Literature is included. A formal grammar study is optional.

JH IEW: At the middle school level, the course cycles through four years of history-based content so that it coordinates with HHSW's World History, or other chronological history program. Beginning 2023-2024, speech is included in the course. Literature suggestions are present in the student text, but class time is devoted to writing. A separate grammar study is highly recommended. 

Elementary IEW: This course cycles through three years of theme-based IEW books. A beginning to speech is naturally included as students may read their papers aloud to the class regularly. LIterature suggestions are included in the student text, but the class does not include literature or grammar. 

Visit my website at www.wordcraftandwhimsy.com.

Current Classes
ELEMENTARY IEW WOS – Instructor (open)
JH IEW WRITING ANCIENTS - 3rd Hr – Instructor (open)