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Mr. Antonio Soriano To All Instructors

Antonio Soriano is a working composer whose music can be heard on television, radio, web series and film. Antonio was Emmy Nominated in 2013 for the soundtrack to “Journeys in India” a 13 episode, high-definition TV series now airing on PBS.  Recent projects include scores for “Travel Quest” which will air in the summer of 2019 and “Jane the Mystery Dinosaur” which aired world-wide on the Discovery & Science channels.

Antonio loves sharing his knowledge and appreciation of everything music with others. He is a proud Heritage father and is blessed to be a part of the Heritage staff.

Current Classes
MUSIC THEORY / COMPOSITION 1 – Instructor (open)
PRIVATE GUITAR - 4TH HR – Instructor (open)
PRIVATE GUITAR - LUNCH – Instructor (open)
PRIVATE PIANO - 5TH HR – Instructor (open)
PRIVATE PIANO - 6TH HR – Instructor (open)