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Mrs. Lori Kramer To All Instructors

Jesus rescued me from a life of sin almost 18 years ago.  It has been such an amazing journey as I continue to surrender my will to His! I have been married to my husband,  Rich, for 15 years.  I have the privilege of being a mom of 3, a step-mom to 3, and a (step)mother-in-law. Our blended family is a true blessing that is the ultimate proof that God's grace makes things wonderful!  I have been homeschooling for 8 years, and I love being able to walk through each moment with our kids. I continue to see that homeschooling is not just for our kids,  but also a way for me to be shaped to be more like Christ.
After I had our first daughter my desire was not to go back to my full time career as a computer programmer. God graciously opened a door to work as a 2 and 3 year old teacher in the children's preschool ministry at our church,  Willow Creek. I have always loved this age,  as they are so curious and excited about so many things! As there is a larger age range between our kids,  I'm excited that God opened this door to teach a preschool class at Heritage! Planning this class is giving me a fresh excitement for preschool again. I look forward to the opportunity to teach your children through play,  while reinforcing who Jesus is and how much He lives them!


Current Classes
Learning Through Play – Instructor (open)
Preschool Bible / History – Instructor (open)