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Mrs. Sonja Radovic To All Instructors

I started my musical journey at the age of 4. My first instrument was a keyboard instrument called the accordion and then Suzuki violin followed a year after. Although music was the center of my life, it wasn't my major in college. Through music I did have the opportunity to see the world. I was selected to travel to Canada for the semi-finals and then Europe for the finalist competition.  In college, I assembled a group of musicians from Lake Forest college to perform at various ethnic weddings and engagements throughout the United States. Currently, my family and I perform at various churches in the Chicagoland area for special events.

I rekindled my love for the violin, once I started teaching my own children how to play and practice. I firmly believe exposing children to music at an early age, helps them focus and become better learners. I am experiencing it first hand. God has given me these talents and musical wisdom that I'd like to share with your children.


Current Classes
Violin - 1st hr – Instructor (open)
Violin - 2nd hr – Instructor (open)
Violin - 3rd hr – Instructor (open)
Violin - Lunch – Instructor (open)