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Mrs. Emily Cerrillos To All Instructors

I did not grow up in a Christian home yet by the grace of God was brought to a Bible study by the most unexpected person. After the Bible study, the pastor shared the Gospel with me and I accepted Christ as my Savior right then at 17 years old. Since then God has transformed me and my life and continues to do so. ONLY GOD! I ended up marrying that "unexpected person" who brought me to the Bible study. We have four girls together, Eliana, Priscilla, Victoria and Cassandra. I received a Bachelors Degree from Trinity International University and have been teaching since I graduated. I have taught Spanish and Bible to Junior High and currently teach ESL to adults. I love homeschooling and am thankful for Heritage!

Current Classes
HS Spanish 1 - 6th Hr – Instructor (open)
HS Spanish 2 – Instructor (open)