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Mrs. Suzanne Heegaard To All Instructors

I have six daughters who I have solely homeschooled, four have grown and graduated while two are still in process. Our family has been at Heritage now for six years and we’ve enjoyed it very much. I love teaching children because they are beautiful images of God who are full of life and questions. I teach several levels of Spell to Write and Read at Heritage. SWR is a full Spelling, Reading and Language Arts program created by Wanda Sanseri. Having used SWR for all 6 of my own children over the span of 22 years, I have also taught it informally to other homeschoolers, locally and at Heritage from K-8th for 5 1/2 years. I have not only completed the two day Beginner’s training course in Oregon with the author herself, I also completed the three day Advanced training program in Oregon. Wholeheartedly I believe in SWR to create and enforce excellent spelling skills and I’ve also been amazed to see how it has dramatically helped with remedial spellers both in my own home as well as at Heritage. This is one of my favorite parts of the program. I would count it a privilege to come alongside you to teach your student as well!



Current Classes
HS Psychology from a Christian Perspective – (open)
Spell to Write & Read 1 – Instructor (open)
Spell to Write & Read 2 – Instructor (open)
Spell to Write & Read 3 – Instructor (open)