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Mr. Michael Drew To All Instructors

Michael Drew has been a valuable member of the Heritage Co-op and this year will be his eighth year teaching here. He always has a positive and encouraging attitude, and students greatly enjoy their lessons with him. He also relates well to home-schooled children, as he comes from a home-schooled family himself. His first experience with playing music began at age nine with piano, and then at age thirteen with guitar. Music quickly became Michael’s passion and he devoted most of his time into learning and growing as a musician. Over the years he has become very diverse instrumentally. He is currently an active songwriter, teacher, and performer. Some of his musical accomplishments include being aired in the media on Chicago Radio and Fuse TV, as well as playing sold out concerts at esteemed venues such as Chicago’s House of Blues and Metro. Michael is also an active volunteer worship leader and musician at Westridge Community Church in Elgin. Please visit Michael at www.michaeldrewmusic.com. 


Current Classes
Guitar - 5th hr – Instructor (open)
Guitar - 6th hr – Instructor (open)
Guitar - 7th hr – Instructor (open)
Guitar / Piano - 8th hr – Instructor (open)
Guitar / Piano - 9th hr – Instructor (open)